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June 11, 2007

Updates to the Netslaves Archive

I was busy over the weekend digging up more ancient content that Steve Gilliard wrote for in its early years. I've found a lot of material and will be restoring it in chunks as time permits. So here's a chunk of vintage Steve Gilliard content from early 2001. More to come soon! (Note: If you want to see all of the articles that were written for Netslaves in this time period (not just Gilly's contributions), please inspect The Netslaves Archive.) If you want to know which of these articles is my personal favorite, it's definitely Valentine's Day: The Meaning of Hell (What To Do On the Most Miserable Day of the Year?)

This week's restored Steve Gilliard Articles:
A list of Steve's pre-February 2001 articles for is available here.

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