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June 07, 2007

Is a Ghost Site?, a site against which fought a disastrous war which ended in 2003 with the destruction of, appears to finally have succumbed to the forces of entropy. Its once-popular Bulletin Board now yields a "Server Not Found" message. Word on the street is that Phil Kaplan, AKA "Pud" agreed to muzzle to smooth the acquisition process for his ad company, Adbrite, which is now backed by Sequoia Capital, a fabulously wealthy VC firm.

Steve Gilliard thought a lot of Pud, and became the most popular site of the so-called "post-boom" dotcom era. But it's time has passed, and Phil Kaplan has reconstituted himself as an online ad baron. Good: Phil worked hard enough, although I remain critical of the way he ran his board. Everyone is entitled to a few sour grapes.

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