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June 05, 2007

Donations for Steve Gilliard's Funeral

Steve Gilliard wrote his heart out for the Web but never made a lot of money. There will be a service for him in Harlem this week and funerals are expensive. If you want to donate to his funeral fund, please visit his Website and click on the PayPal icon. All monies go directly to his family.

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Steve Gilliard May Be Deleted From

This one just makes me sad. Steve Gilliard's Wikipedia entry is being considered for deletion. His detractors insist that because he wrote for the Web, he isn't noteworthy enough to remain there.

Fear not, Steve, wherever you are. Your memory will live on here and on other sites whose admins know who you were. Those Wikipedia weenies can go to Hell.

(Update 6/5/07 5:48 PM EST: The "subject to deletion" notice has been removed from Steve's entry. Thanks to the Wikipedia gatekeepers for letting sanity prevail).

More on Steve Gilliard, including my memories of him and a list of articles he wrote for, here.

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