Microsoft is a Tarantino Beater

HEY! Last year, MICROSOFT PLANNED TO SPY ON YOU - read about it HERE...... New DEVIL SHAT (#FORTYONE) and CHICO'S GROOVE (#EVIFYTNEWT) released.... QUENTIN TARANTINO not the woman beater he was made out to be, as his case against a woman he supposedly struck in a barroom is dismissed when her boyfriend admitted to doctoring the photographs to make it look like she was seriously injured. Yeah. Uh huh. WE ALL KNOW Tarantino is a brawler from the Bronx.

Click of Elmo Death

Why won't Iomega admit to the terrifying CLICK OF DEATH? I myself have fallen victim to it, and its implications shake the fiber of my archive.... SESAME STREET, now in its 30th season, to offer new ELMO cartoon's with its current lineup - Greaatt! Not only can we see "big people" wearing Elmo T-shirts, we can also see them wear Cartoon Elmo T-shirts.

NetSlaves released. Read and be horrified.

NetSlaves released.
Read and be horrified.

Click here.

Nice Collection, Remotely Funny. Beatdown!

Nice collection of FREELY DOWNLOADABLE ONLINE BOOKS.... LOW BANDWIDTH archives were added, as well as NETSLAVES being finished up - you're gonna love it when it debuts this 12/1.... My programming talents have begun their mystery on something I like to call BEATDOWN 1.0.... REMOTELY FUNNY STORY ABOUT FREELANCING from Wired.

No Less Than Viral Christs

NO LESS THAN three people "complained" about the fact that there was no news yesterday - well, soooorrryyYYy!! Can't even stuff my face in peace, sheesh.... "Looks like the virus crowd has finally discovered the Internet," quotes Richard Smith - um. No. The VIRUS HAS FINALLY EXPLOITED THE INTERNET, not the crowd discovering (of course, it's already being labeled as harmless - hell, it only affects VBScript for IE).... Ah, here is the truth: "The COMPLETE TEXT of the 1858 edition of THE GREAT CONTROVERSY Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels".

Marsha, Zero, Marsha, Zero!

A horror author's website which isn't half bad: STEPHENKING.COM (psst, this is a poor attempt at humor).... HEY! The RIO MP3 PLAYER mentioned yesterday, as I pathetically wished for it, seems to have begun to ship.... ZERO moves to Level 4.... New issue of VIEWER DISCRETION located at LOW BANDWIDTH...... ZERO updated once again with two new reviews - if you haven't checked out the new song which was released yesterday, "Gear", make sure to pick that up on your way out.

MP3s Drowning in Oil

Added all of the normal LOW BANDWIDTH archives, as well as one new archive addition.... Just saw an OIL TANKER with the words "Dead River Company" on the side. The question arises: Do we really need to be that blatant?.... REALITY CHECK sadly began talking about the Clinton crap.... ZERO was also updated with a new song "Gear" - check it out.... Welp, I'm still waiting for the RIO MP3 PLAYER to be released - supposedly the middle of this month for $200.

Some words from Disobey

Some words FROM DISOBEY: First off, I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER sucked. Yes, hardcore. I am so glad that I did not pay money to see this (thank you, theatre friend). I've never seen anything so... umm... "hey! That Titanic computer animation worked, let's use it in this movie!" Or... "hey! That Scream two killer thing worked, let's rip that!". DO NOT GO SEE THIS. Secondly, I (Kevin Hemenway) have issued a halt on any NEW IDEAS OR SECTIONS of Disobey. There is enough here to work with for a mighty long time. Or at least until 10/31/1999 00:00:00 AM... the planned date of our next release. Just be patient.

A Transmetropolitan Too-Lah-Ka

Yeah, well, you've been saying THAT for weeks.... If you haven't read TRANSMETROPOLITAN from DC Comics, you should. Not only is it a good book, but action figures of Spider Jerusalem and his mutant 3-eyed cat are in the design stages.... "Dozens of experiments with trying to unjam and reset and reboot him were unable to restore him to healthy operation. TOO-LAH-KA was DEFINITELY A TERMINALLY ILL FURBY."

Furby shat on Chico's Slave

Furby still making annoying news with hints that you should buy more than one - they learn faster, sing together, and are even MORE entertaining. Of course, caution is advised if you hear them whispering "kill the humans".... New issues of DEVIL SHAT (#FORTY) and CHICO'S GROOVE (#RUOFYTNEWT) released, as well as a dead listing removed from LOW BANDWIDTH.... New section previews today: NETSLAVES! Scroll down the page, read the description, ogle at the picture, click to go inside.


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