My Name Is Billy, Not Zombie, Not Dooby

Hi. My name is Billy, and I would like to be an arms-trafficker - "this simple harmless act is illegal"... Hey, strangely enough, Rob Zombie's website isn't that bad... However, the new Scooby Dooby Doo website is another matter entirely... Another archive and two more listings added to Low Bandwidth as well as one dead listing removed.

a2b, low2high, ego trip

The a2b website offers free music, mainly mp3s of the Garbage b-side "Driving Lesson" and DJ Keoki's (stifle laugh, ego trip, stifle laugh) remix of "Holy Fool" from Love and Rockets... Has anyone else noticed how much more media play Linux is getting now that Microsoft is under the gun?... Large update to Low Bandwidth with new listings and a new archive.

Kill Motherfriggin' Microsoft!

The Boston Herald reported that kids wanted store bought costumes for Halloween - chalk that expense up with the $81 worth of candy *per* American... Why, yes, this is funny: KMFMS - "What Do You Know, Redmond?" Learn why Microsoft does not deserve your pity... "There's no particular law that says if someone murders their election opponent, their name is taken off the ballot" says Brook Thompson.

Horrific Assumptions

I guess these people have never heard of GMT... John Romero and Bill Gates share birthday (28.Oct)... Is everyone having their Marathon? Disobey finds that the most enjoyable aspect of the Marathon is having to trek to five or six video stores to find all nine of them.

Viagra Usage Makes You Blind

Yet another reason not to fly: "pilots are being warned that Viagra can impair the ability to distinguish between blue and green, colors frequently used in cockpit instrument displays"... Has anyone a Quicktime of "HOMER'S SMARTER BRAIN", aired during the Nov. 8th season premiere of X-Files?... Viagra copycat gum: "smacking this gum will give you more than just big bubbles".

He Fuckin' Superimposed Me, Man!

Teiresias, blind Greek seer as well as anti-hacking tool, to be released in two to five years - plenty of time to develop anti-Teiresias tools... Clinton, taking a cue from WAG THE DOG exercises the mystical superimpose technology... New issue of Viewer Discretion available at Low Bandwidth... Review of C-Murder's "Life or Death" added to Zero... Welp, porn isn't making money anymore, guess we'll have to rely on those pyramid schemes, and vast amounts of spam...

Monkey Jokes, Angered Mothers, and Grim Fandangos

John Glenn returns from space, complaining about strange lights and decayed women - has nothing to say about that stupid ape joke... Truth that nature doesn't like soccer, after lightning strikes down all members of a Congolese soccer team... If you haven't played Grim Fandango, dammit, you should.

Where'd He Go?

Everyone knows that Windows NT 5.0 has been renamed to Windows 2000, and most people know that Microsoft does not own the name "Windows 2000". The big question is: how long until the guy who does own the name "mysteriously disappears"?... "Relax, I'm going to do a parachute jump" cries Thor Axel, as he plunges 86 floors from the top of the Empire State Building.

The Gold Nugget In Denver

"The Gold Nugget, in Denver has a cool new pinball game, 'Red and Ted's Roadshow'. The jet blasters are busted but that's all right. Old Style's a buck and a quarter, and Leroy, the pinball cowboy, will gladly play any comers for a beer. He's not as good as he thinks he is. The art museum has some really nice paintings on the sixth floor, and a really cool installation piece on the first that is simply two large slabs of steel with all their weight resting on three points. There's also a large ashtray full of several thousand butts; disgusting, but still cool."

Kurt Russell, Mime Soldier

Kurt Russell speaks only 69 words throughout SOLDIER.


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