Stupid DILBERT CARTOON supposed to show up in January on UPN.... Master P on CHEF AID, that South Park album - all we can say is UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHH!.... Demotivational, Procrastination, Pessimism, Oh my! DESPAIR.COM brings them all home for the holidays.... Don't ask why I'm up THIS EARLY.

Cyber-Cop at Prodigy

Added all the new archives to LOW BANDWIDTH along with one new archive and two new samples.... The ALREADY FAMOUS NETSLAVES is updated with a brand new issue - finishing up the woeful tale of Officer Kilmartin and his stint as Cyber-Cop at Prodigy...... "The administrative assistant cannot be the magic mixture of packaged software" - learning from A WEB DESIGN CURRICULUM.

Disobey should reach a MILLION

Disobey should reach a MILLION ACCESSES by next week.... "TEN DESIGN-LESS RULES FOR SUCCESSFUL WEB DESIGN" - read them, learn them, and then FORGET ABOUT THEM.... MmmMmm - Morbus just got PLAYSTATION. Games. NIGHTMARE CREATURES. Gore. Blood. Visceral Carnage. What fun.... NEGROPONTE no longer works at WIRED - wonder if he'll go back to working on his GHOST SITES...

One bag of barbeque potato

One bag of barbeque potato chips gone, as well as a 16 oz. "Virgin Cola". Be scared when computer game companies begin making soda. It's NOT a good thing (especially when it tastes like repackaged RC Cola).... 5 new listings were added to LOW BANDWIDTH.

Mary Poppins Chainsaw Massacre

MARY POPPINS, also known as Julie Andrews, shoots husband after he says about her voice: "It's over a year, and if you heard it, you'd weep.".... Unapix Entertainment gets rights to THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and is making TX25, a modern version of the original for its 25th anniversary... guess Psycho fever has everyone remaking classics.... WORDS OF A CRIMINAL: "There are other 'MICHAEL ROSSES' out there... it's easy to... call me evil and condemn me to death".

Retail Slut Online Catalog

"Welcome to the third edition of the RETAIL SLUT ONLINE CATALOG!" Order from any of their exciting categories, including: "Groovy Gothic Goulies", "Hard Core Poser", "Take Me NOW!", "Live Fast and Dye" and "Belts, Bolts, Straps and Spikes"!.... Old Colorado info can be fun: "Catastrophic meteor shower hits Denver. What to DO? Get naked and drink like a sailor. Hope against hope that one of those specks of sand doesn't BURY ITS WAY INTO YOUR CEREBELLUM".

Low Bandwidth updated with Toilet Flushing

LOW BANDWIDTH updated with new archives.... Would you like to know if SOMEONE RANG YOUR DOORBELL FOR 2.910156 seconds? Or that you've flushed your toilet 17 times? Do you want the rest of the world watching you and your habits? And having them tell you to put "AWAY THOSE SLIPPERS THAT ARE LYING AROUND?" Apparently, Icepick can't say "yes" enough.

Oh yeah

Oh yeah, we also got interviewed by Steve Silberman FROM WIRED NEWS - that was certainly a happy meter booster, so while you're here, why don't you read the ARTICLE ABOUT NETSLAVES AND DISOBEY.... Disobey goes crazy, and buys into that stupid VERDANA FONT TRICK which all of the major sites seem to be doing - screw the fact that it looks good, dammit, Verdana is love!.... New GHOST SITES released, bringing another issue filled with Internet Site Ossification.... New issue of VIEWER DISCRETION released, take a look at LOW BANDWIDTH...... I wonder if JON KATZ is still living, based upon the barbecue over at /....

My Name is Kevin's Microportal!

"Hi! My name is KEVIN'S COMPUTER. And I am here to royally piss Kevin off this weekend". Yes, that's right. My flippin' computer has driven me to drink. Constant crashes, agonizing headaches, and a stupid idea which just won't take form in any way, shape or workable form have seriously led me to contemplating vacationing for quite a long time.... "MICROPORTALS are indy sites that change all the time. Usually they're run by one person, or a small group." - hmmm..

From an "anonymous" Colorado inhabitant

From an "anonymous" Colorado inhabitant: "DENVER CO-Attention would-be arsonists, demolitionists, vandals, and all other malcreants. The new DENVER PAVILION is officially open. A gaudy cosmopolitan eyesore dedicated to all things greedy. Choose from Nike Town, Virgin Records Superstore, The Hard Rock Cafe, Wolfgang Pucks, and myriad other enterprising dungheaps to unleash your pent up fury upon. Don't like the city scene? Head to Eagle County and keep Vail in flames. Boo Hoo to the bourgeiose babbit scum who will have to ski all the way down to Mid-Vail in order to get their sauteed portebello mushroom sandwich and merlot at lunchtime. The new art-terrorist movement has been handed a clean canvas to paint. Let's make a masterpiece.".


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