I Miss Roddy Already

Sign this petition to keep Colgate's grubby hands off of ajax.org... Microsoft's Web TV collects website viewing habits and reports them to advertisers - "it's like having a video recorder on them 24 hours a day."... The portrait of j. random hacker is actually *accurate*... Roddy McDowell (PLANET OF THE APES, FRIGHT NIGHT) died last week.

Dead Black and Green Playas

Sega releases The House of the Dead for PC with the ability to change the zombie's blood color - ooOOoOoHHhhh!... nigger.com registered to the NAACP... Yet again, the music industry tries to ruin all our fun by suing Diamond in relation to their portable mp3 player... Tom Hanks stars in the movie adaptation of Stephen King's GREEN MILE.

Movies Galore!

Warner Home Video to release 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD of THE EXORCIST on 10/27th... Yet another movie trying to prevent Satan from being set free, LOST SOULS features Wynona Ryder and will be released by New Line Cinema... Tom Hanks and Sean Connery to star in an adaptation of STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND.

Kurosawa, Dorothy and Hasselhoff

Warner Bros. to re-release THE WIZARD OF OZ Nov. 6th on 1800 theater screens - wonder if they'll include the suicide scene... Um - don't think this is what they meant: http://www.RightSexChange.com/... David Hasselhoff begins production on SHAKA ZULU - THE CITADEL... Akira Kurosawa, creator of THE SEVEN SAMURAI, died long ago.

Jesus, Cartoons, and Annoyances

Jesus, your Lord and Savior, has a new part-time job... Cartoon Network to debut Gary Panter as the animator of their first Web Premiere Toon in December... Annoy.com has legal and constitutional right to piss you off.

Hacker Lovers

Undeniable proof that people still watch and love the movie HACKERS.

The 603 based DGB

The 603 based DIGITAL GANG BANGERS (DGB) are building a website for accessing archives of information as well as "unique philosophical views on Technologists in relationship to social interaction"; more info as we get it.


Universal's all-CGI FRANKENSTEIN film in production, scripted to take place 40 years after original movie. Seems another mad scientist wants to use the electrodes in the Monster's neck to aide in his improvements of existing life forms.

New MBM Album

Meat Beat Manifesto's "Actual Sounds and Voices" slated for Oct. 6th release.

Atari, ANTZ and Racism

The Milan is the perfect symbiosis of an Atari computer and modern PCI technology... Never did carve that pumpkin... Dreamworks seem to know what they are doing now with incredibly good ANTZ characters and animation... Marvel yanks Wolverine #131 because Jewish slur substituted for "killer"... How to de-install Windows the easy way.


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