Insane Clown Posse Has Morals?

Insane Clown Posse - besides constantly wrestling on WWF Monday Night Raw, kicked the Kottonmouth Kings off their North American tour due to "[their] new merch guy... sold a pass for some bud -- $50 for an eighth".

Bye bye clip, self-image, and self-worth

A line of code deletes that hella annoying clip from Microsoft Office... "We will tell you how you really look from a stranger's point of view" - honest and to the point: just how confirms that you're ugly... Just imagine: You're lying in bed after a hard night of drinking when...

Game Boy Color Coming Soon

Game Boy Color (otherwise known as "kick-ass") to be released on Nov. 23.

Furby == Evil?

Furby, that damned toy of the devil, calms us with its furry Mogwai look while they walk and dance - but just remember, they went bad for not one movie, but TWO...


Dreamworks thinking about making a direct-to-video sequel to ANTZ... 14 months and the love is still going strong... Turner Classic Movies will no longer air R-rated films starting Jan. 1st due to criticism about their editting job - guess that means no more LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM.

Eh-oh! Tubby Custard!

Jeffrey Veen at Webmonkey praises low bandwidth... The world finally figures out that most net users can't watch video - whether it be streaming or Quicktime... Giant Teletubbies shop: TeletubbyLand opens at 767 Fifth Avenue in NYC - larger than life 'tubbies and magical escalators abound... The question still remains: do we really need another ADDAMS FAMILY?

Microsoft Fouls

Microsoft (what the hell is up with all this Microsoft news?) gets all pissed about Netscape Communicator 4.5 changing IE's setting for a home page - "[they're trying] to change the way IE works".

Sally Jessy Behind The Scenes

Sally Jessy Raphael has begun to air behind-the-scenes segments with their broadcasts - all segments of guests rehearsing their lines mysteriously absent.

Slug, Ung, and Burn

Microsoft recruits sea slugs with the Univ. of Wash. to design smarter computer systems - only Microsoft would use slugs to speed things up... Old news but still: why the hell is Master P singing "Kenny's Dead"? - ungggggggggh!!... More Microsoft employees at Burning Man than current Wired employees.

Nudity, boobies, and sex!

Mormon video store to edit out TITANIC nude footage for customers (hey, we're not a network without news of TITANIC)... Wonder how MTV's website has been doing since they staged that phony hack awhile back... Sadly, is still making news.


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