Not only does this site

Not only does this site have the longest URL I have ever seen, it also talks about "FRAM" - "the notion of spam from friends is an oxymoron" (not anymore).

Puppies, goats, and flying pigs

LOW BANDWIDTH was finally updated with all of its archives, as well.... New NETSLAVES released finishing the tale in a candy coated finish with puppies, goats, and flying pigs. It's fun for the whole family. Why aren't you reading it? Also updated within NetSlaves are the digest editions of the NetSlaves List Serve - made possible by ONELIST.COM.

Chico's Groove is freakin' boring

DEVIL SHAT (#FORTYFIVE) is released, with wishes of 15 second comprehension, 5 minute reading times, and numerically organized steps about removing yourself from jury duty.... Also released, CHICO'S GROOVE (#ENINYTNEWT) is freakin' boring as usual, but hey, people still subscribe to the damn thing.


WANTED: SATANIC MAID AND LAWYER - must do windows, carpets, and worship the Great Beast. All inquiries humored.... "Hi! I am a Beatles Maniac, and I also like to watch the X-Files. Oh yeah, here is my WEB SITE"...... Minor updates to various places on Disobey - new mentions of GHOST SITES, new email added to DEVIL SHAT and other miniscule corrections.

Nearly Complete List of Cosmic Laws

Why, it's the NEARLY COMPLETE LIST OF COSMIC LAWS. "Life is" and more designed to help you understand your grand purpose in life...... SPROCKETS AND COGS is actually a useful tech tidbit search engine.... Hey, you like the danger of playing with EMU'S? Well, take a look at this site: EMU RANCH. You'll find the best downloads there (but you didn't hear about it from Disobey).

Mystery Manson in Strange World of Gay Porn

'PRODIGY CLASSIC' to piss off 208,000 subscribers because they can't beat Y2K.... 20-20.ORG isn't about fixing your vision.... ABC premieres its X-Files rip off STRANGE WORLD on March 8th - press release only uses the term "mystery" 13 times...... For all you sick celebrity freaks, MARILYN MANSON will appear naked in the gay porn mag HONCHO's March issue.

The Secret of a Barenaked Paltrow

A WebMonkey PsychoThriller: THE SECRET OF MOUSEHAND - strangely enough, it's kinda good (and oh yeah, it's pretty damn funny, too).... Gwyneth Paltrow will be on SNL with featured music guests, BARENAKED LADIES - all I can say is: Gwyneth, take a hint.... I really didn't think this site would be decent, but THE TACKY POSTCARD ARCHIVE is one of the only places I would ever have learned of the Hawaii postcard which can double as a playable record.

The Legend of Tasty Smack

Sony to release LEGEND OF LEGAIA for Playstation - no evil rulers this time, only a "mysterious mist threatening [the] world's existence" - oh yeah, and all those "innovative" buzzwords were thrown into the report as well.... A new newsgroup appeared in my feed today: ALT . MUSIC . SMASH-PUMPKINS . JIMMY-ADDICT . TASTY-SMACK - I wonder what our first topic of discussion will be.

Battlefield Monster Whales Stretched for Time

Award winning movie GODS AND MONSTERS is the "tale of the last days of Frankenstein director James Whale... explor[ing] his final fascination with a handsome gardener".... An adaptation of BATTLEFIELD EARTH from L. Ron Hubbard is in the works - rough estimates say the movie will only be 11 hours long.... Disney to produce a movie about STRETCH ARMSTRONG starring Danny DeVito - what the HELL?.... Steve Miner to direct GHOSTING, a possible franchise (groooann) about a haunted college campus.

Get off on her chest

EMBER.ORG - tell the story of your first true love - get it off your chest, you'll feel better.... The new NETSLAVES (#4) is released, continuing the story of K and his rise to power, as well as adding more features than one could wish for (like the Combat Manual, Screams from Our Readers, and more)...


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