New archives added to a Fragile Manson

New archives added to LOW BANDWIDTH as well as some cluttering, boring archives removed.... Craig Marks, editor of SPIN, claims MARILYN MANSON invited him backstage and then said "You know I can kill you, your family, and everyone you know." - NO! Not our LOVABLE, NEW, SENSITVE (because I'm going out with that chick from Scream) MANSON - he wouldn't do THAT.... A little bit ago, TRENT REZNOR announced his new NIN album ("The Fragile") was supposedly coming out early this year on the traditional NOTHING label - there have already been crappy ass commercials for it on MTV.

Disobey releases the new Devil

Disobey releases the new DEVIL SHAT (#FORTYTHREE) heralding Happy Done-That Year Two - come and read why you've done this before.... We've also released CHICO'S GROOVE (#NEVESYTNEWT) - along with sordid tales about why Morbus' gums hurt, you can find out where Rob Zombie was over the weekend.

Speak to your wife and children in Klingon

Wait, wait, the court has to decide on whether to remove the children? Even after quoting they found "an abundance of STAR TREK magazines, posters and memorabilia, and couldn't understand the father ... because he spoke to his wife and children in Klingon." (THE WICHITA EAGLE).... New issue of NETSLAVES available - learn the twisted secrets behind how K rises from fry cook to the King of Production.

Microsoft Frames a Neat Book

What can MICROSOFT learn from a FREEBIE?.... Morbus gets a NEAT BOOK showcasing horror movie posters from the early years on up - also with an opportunity to get quality reproductions of them.... Yeah, sure, it's OLD NEWS, but I (and a million other web designers) knew there was a reason for NOT USING FRAMES.

Destroy Tokyo with a Mindstorms Laser

LOW BANDWIDTH updated with all the new archives - hopefully they'll be cleaned later this week.... Improve the time your webpages load in using NETMECHANIC.COM...... Got a new set of LEGO MINDSTORMS? Bored already? Hell, fry Tokyo with this easy kit for ADDING A LASER - it won't hurt, really!.

The Undead Cleaning Lady Section

ISP's the world over are already, BEGRUDGINGLY, switching to Internet Explorer only software distributions as they don't feel like losing their business to AOL advertisements when a user hits the "search" button in Netscape.... The NEW SECTION of Disobey well under way - to debut 10/31/1999 00:00:00 AM.... Boris Floriciz, THE UNDEAD HACKER still causes wonder: murder or suicide?.... Morbus CLEANING UP HIS LIFE for a couple of days, so DNN will continue updates after Christmas.

I don't have time to keep a dog

SONY spends last 6 years designing robotic pets - with removable limbs and heads for customizing! These lovable little toys can be "adopted as pets or serve as STATUS SYMBOLS or conversation pieces". How much? "Not as much as a car, definitely not." Where's the mass production of FURBIES when you need them? One final cry for help concerning Sony's infatuation: "For me, it would be great. I'M SINGLE, and I don't have time to keep a dog." That sounds like desperation to me.... Minor updates to LOW BANDWIDTH.

Morbus tired and not feeling

Morbus tired and NOT FEELING WELL... No one knows (STILL) what to do with Jack Kevorkian, even after he suicided someone on LIVE TV - he'll starve himself if sent to prison.... Virginia outlaws FILTERING SOFTWARE in libraries - hopefully we'll see this happening everywhere.... Minor updates to LOW BANDWIDTH, including removing five dead listings - also added all of the normal weekly archives.

Canceled after 12 episodes

ZERO updated with FIVE reviews, spread out amongst compilation albums, suck-ass albums, and a damn good album - check it out.... MICROSOFT thought about charging yearly for Windows.... BRAVO to unveil THE AWFUL TRUTH on April 14th/1999 00:00:00 AM - Michael Moore comments about his new show and a mission to: "produce a critically acclaimed TV show with a large cult following and be canceled after 12 episodes".

Squirrel Kombat Totally Recalls The Devil's Dump

Showtime to release TOTAL RECALL 2070, the television series, sometime in March.... Also released was the newest issue of CHICO'S GROOVE (#XISYTNEWT) filled with such idiocy like Squirrel Kombat, Things You Wouldn't Believe Morbus Doing, and other Cthulhu like labels.... New issue of DEVIL SHAT (#FORTYTWO) released offering THE DEVIL'S DUMP - filled with Furbies, the Bible, and Thrillers.


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