Disobey Rules The World!

In response to another failed assassination attempt, Jesse Berst's Anchordesk declares that "there [is] more than one way to shut down Windows"... Another pathetic attempt at a tourist attraction (and its website)... Type "I'd like Disobey to rule the world" into Word, select those words, and run the Thesaurus for the extent of our influence.

Stupid Moons Reboot Brain Cells

Stupidest website description: "electric eel, ltd.: a website made for fun with a kick-ass Nine Inch Nails midi"... "The presence of water ice [on the moon] leads credence to the idea that humans could establish a lunar outpost for exploration, or even colonization"... New season/series of Reboot comes to US... A British computer chip behind the eye could record a person's lifetime; "this is the end of death... we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually.".

Quilting Exploits of Movie Drama

Noon Quilt about noontime sights in your part of the world... Movies to check out this weekend (Oct. 2nd): Antz, and Orgazmo... The Phantom Menace dubbed Star Wars prequel, and no one gives a *damn* while most think its a stupid title... Netscape Javascript Exploit allows intruders to check out where you've been on the Internet; consider this a wakeup call to porn cruising at work.

NIN, Zombie, and Madonna

Rocktropolis reports the next Nine Inch Nails' release could be a double album coming early next year... White Zombie breaks up after 13 years, leaving Rob Zombie solo's ("Hellbilly Deluxe") and Sean Yseult's band, Famous Monsters ("In the Night", Oct. 20th)... Madonna Tribute Album to include covers by Ogre (Skinny Puppy, "Borderline)" and KMFDM ("Material Girl").

Slim Manson PGP Printers

Fatboy Slim's new album, "You've Come A Long Way, Baby", to be released October 20th... PGPFreeware 7.0 released in Europe, explain how *that* happened... Marilyn Manson's official website as bad as his new album... EPSON printers claim to be "Year 2000 ready", Hewlett Packard gives no comment.


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