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July 04, 2007

Omar Wasow's Blog is a Ghost Site

Omar Wasow's Blog is a Ghost SiteOmar Wasow is a fairly famous guy who the mainstream media have dubbed "a Cyberspace Pioneer." Several years ago, Newsweek Magazine named him one of the "Fifty Most Influential People in Cyberspace;" the New York Times heralded him as "Silicon Alley's Philosopher-Prince."

He even taught Ophrah Winfrey how to surf the Web.

But Wasow's Blog (which runs on Blogger but has been branded a "Media Kit") hasn't been updated since November of 2005, and that's an awful long time to be absent from the medium you're supposed to be a pioneer in. Even media kits need to be updated every few months or people get the impression that one has stopped appearing in the media. And people who run more than one blog (Wasow maintains a secondary Blog at, which has no content on it at all) are obliged to keep all of them populated with content unless they intend to abandon them.

Maybe these basic Blogging rules are too harsh, but I didn't invent them. Maybe it's too much to ask any authentic digital luminary to update his blog more than once a year, much less seize upon the more interactive possibilities of this medium. But in my book, people who market themselves as "tech gurus" and make big bucks talking about digital transformation need to roll up their sleeves and actually do something in cyberspace from time to time. Otherwise they come off as cyber-poseurs.

Omar - you taught Ophrah how to surf: that's terrific. Please don't teach her how to Blog until you can prove to the rest of us that you understand that Blogs aren't supposed to be static, moth-eaten media object dumps or content-free containers. You don't have to take comments from the unwashed if you don't want to, but please update your content and keep it fresh if you expect anyone to take your princely pronouncements seriously.

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