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August 08, 2008

Does Anybody Remember the Following Doomed NY Tech Companies?

Does Anybody Remember the Following NY Tech Companies?Over the past week or so, I've been contributing articles for Fred Wilson's timeline of Silicon Alley project. I don't know Fred personally but I'm glad that somebody is working on a project to immortalize the glory and disaster of New York's tech economy. Anyway, I've been coming across a bunch of companies that glowed like diamonds when they launched but are barely remembered today.

Most of us who were active in the industry at the time remember the big NY-based disasters (,, IGuide,,,,, etc.). But there were plenty of smaller failures that few remember: here are some of them that might jog some ancient brain cells.

ToggleThis: A games developer that briefly worked on animating Bugs Bunny for Warner Brothers, thus validating the notion that "Silicon Alley" had arrived). Unfortunately, one dancing bunny doth not an industry make.

MethodFive: Talk about a forgotten interactive service agency! I don't know a soul who remembers MethodFive, but it was once the talk of the town. One of an ugly gaggle of push technology vendors that (very briefly) seemed poise to ban Web surfing forever.

Comet Systems: Does anybody out there remember the infamous and incredibly annoying Comet Cursor? Well, it was born in Manhattan. Truly a forgotten dotcom. But at one point it seemed to be ready to take on Another blast from the past. When it did its IPO in April of 1999, some claimed that this 25-person teen portal was worth more than $1 billion!

Interworld: Another huge NY-based player (e-commerce) that few remember today.

Big Star Entertainment: Lots of press, lots of money, but not even a memory today.

Snickleways: Snickleways? Incredible that an otherwise serious e-commerce company would have had such a silly name. Another project that people are probably too embarassed to remember. the Web site that was going to kill Talk Radio is completely forgotten today

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