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January 22, 2008

Ghost Blogs of Yahoo

The Dead Roam Here (<br />Ghost Blogs of Yahoo)Of Yahoo's 26 "official" Blogs, eight of them haven't been updated in the last month. Two of them were last updated in September of 2007. We're not sure why these Blogs are "calling in sick;" could it be low morale among the Yahooligans? A lack of things to say? Burnout? Whatever the reason, it's not a healthy sign for Yahoo.

Bix Blog
I'm not sure what "Bix" was, but this Blog was last updated on 11/1/07

JumpCut Blog
This service is still online, but the Blog is showing its age; it was last updated more than a month ago. News
Not sure what "Upcoming" was or is, but the Blog is definitely dead (last updated 11/22/07)

Yahoo! 360° Product Blog
A Blog about Yahoo's failed social network; last update 10/24/07

Yahoo! Digital Home
The product is still alive, but the "Happy Holidays" message marks this Blog as severely underutilized; updated 11/20/07

Yahoo! Local & Maps Blog
This Blog is looking tired, and was last updated 12/18/07.

Yahoo! Research Berkeley Blog
This crusty Blog was abandoned last September.

Yahoo Music Blog
The music world is falling apart, and so is this Blog, last updated 9/30/07.

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