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January 18, 2008

The Dead Roam Here (Dead URL Report, January 1-15 2008)

The Dead Roam Here (Dead Web Site Report, January 1-15 2008)Quite a few sites have mysteriously disappeared in the past few weeks. Has the Web, having reached its outward boundaries, beginning to collapse inward? Without further ado, here are the latest sites to enter the "realm of the disappeared" where only the dead roam:

Absolute Movies
Description (from Yahoo directory): "Includes movie news and reviews."
Current URL occupant: CPC Advertising Squatter (caution: pop-up alert)

As a Man Thinketh
Description (from Yahoo directory): "Inspirational thoughts."
Current URL occupant: Generic ISP hosting page

Clean Pigeon Society
Description: (from Yahoo directory): "Founder, Byron Priebe, wants to marshall creative expression in order to arrive at an altered interpretation of the world."
Current URL occupant: Parked Page

Didn't I Already Pay for This Movie?
Description (from Yahoo directory): "Calling on all moviegoers to boycott the companies that advertise at the movies."
Current URL occupant: Nothing

Evolution of the Universe
Description (from Yahoo directory): "An axiomatic set for a mathematical model of the evolution in the universe."
Current URL occupant: CPC Advertising Squatter

God Dimension
Description (from Yahoo directory): "Letter written by Ryan Roe to explain God, the mind, and the universe."
Current URL occupant: CPC Advertising Squatter

Description (from Yahoo directory): "Forum for remaining human in a world of machines."
Current URL occupant: Server Not Found Page

Interface Monthly
Description (from Yahoo directory): "Business technology magazine. Online subscription."
Current URL occupant: "For Sale" notice

The Company Project
Description (from Yahoo directory): "A social and human project mandating that the human life is a unique and unrepeatable treasure and should belong to each one of us."
Current URL occupant: ISP login page
Description (from Yahoo directory): "Source for news, information and analysis on the convergence of the Internet, telephone, and television networking industries, as well as the equipment and service industries."
Current URL occupant: redirect page which points to a "File Not Found" page

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