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February 04, 2008

Astounding Incompetence Seen at!

On Monday, February 4, users clicking on any of the right-most links on Fox Business expected to see a story on Microsoft/Yahoo.
Astounding Incompetence Seen at!

Instead, these hapless clicking saps saw this!
Astounding Incompetence Seen at!

I've been following the Yahoo-Microsoft acquisition/merger/hostile takeover closely and went over to to sample their reactionary take on the deal.

Lo and behold, all of the links on the right side of the page (to something called "EMac's Stock Watch" are broken. They link to the incorrect URL "" (should be, of course).

This error, which resulted in the diversion of millions of hits to a broken link, tells us a few things about Fox's Web operations: first, they don't have any kind of error-checking in their CMS, second, the people running the CMS are bad typists, and third, nobody at even reads their own site, much less makes sure the links work. Fourth,'s webmasters don't think enough of their property to install a customized "Error 404" page. "Let them read MSNBC" must be their corporate mantra.

Truly appalling, incompetent webmastering. Rupert, it's time to clean house!


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