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November 08, 2007

Facebook Ads May Be Illegal

Facebook Ads May Be IllegalFascinating article in the New York Times discussing how Facebook's plan for "social ads" (which appropriate the likeness of a Facebook user) may be completely illegal, at least in New York State).

The skinny: it's OK to use images taken "on the street" for news or non-commercial purposes but definitely wrong when these images are part of a commercial transaction and the subject does not give written consent. Facebook's "Social Ads" scheme may be in violation of these basic principles.

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Farewell to Facebook!

Farewell to Facebook
I've enjoyed my time on over the past year or so, but have decided to depart, because I don't want advertising injected in any conversations I might have on the site. I've contributed my time and shared some of my intellectual property to Facebook, and it seemed to me a fair trade for whatever bandwidth I've eaten up and whatever services I've used. But I am tired of being shadowed by marketers who don't show their faces and I will not allow advertising to pollute my friendships in the form of product endorsements I have no control over.

I am not a walking billboard. If you want to be my friend, send me e-mail and we'll take it from there.

Facebook Account Deactivation Screen

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