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November 02, 2007

Hollywood/TV Writers Want to Strike? Nobody Cares!

Hollywood Writers Want to Strike? Nobody Cares!The pampered, overpaid union writers who churn out the mediocre crap you might still watch on the boob tube are probably going on strike this Monday.

All I can say is Boo Hoo Hoo. You "writers" have been sucking at the teat of the corporate Hollywood/Network TV/Mass Media pig for far too long. The pig is dying and now you want your pound of flesh, but it's much too late: you should have been out trying to do something original, something real, something that wasn't wood-chips-for-money right here on the Web, eight or ten years ago, instead of continuing to serve this decaying beast with the only brain that God gave you.

It's not easy out here - writing for the Web will make you at max maybe $200 a month if you're good, but that's the way Tom Friedman says globalization works, and it's good enough for me. Give up your addiction to the bones that Big Media throws you from its Dioxin-laced table and strike out on your own: you'll have a few tough years but if you've never spent a couple of seasons living in your car (as I have) your pampered life can't possibly have enough in it to produce any truths worth writing about. Sorry but I have no sympathy for your plight: you hitched your life to the wrong horse and guess what? That horse doesn't need you anymore: American went sub-literate in the 1970s and nobody's going to miss you.

Writers? You aren't writers, just self-important pawns in a game that doesn't matter in an age of distributed, user-generated content. You're going down, and so are your masters. It won't be pretty but you had your chance and you missed it, and the good old days of erudite corporate ass-kissing for big paychecks aren't coming back anytime soon.

A close encounter with reality, American style, is just what you miserable hacks need. Sorry, but there's no laugh track to prop you up this time around.


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