Ghost Sites of the Web

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October 14, 2007 A Very Cool Ghost Site A Very Cool Ghost, the home of a firm known as @once! Marketing & Advertising, is a virtual archeological dig of great Web 1.0 artifacts from the early days of this medium. Its home page, which is built in frames, brazenly sports a broken logo graphic while proudly announcing that it's a "Magellan 3-Star Site" (remember Magellan?). Its "Search Central" area is a musty time capsule of early search engines, including AliWeb, Alta Vista, AOL Netfind, Apollo, BizWeb, Excite, GoTo, Excite, the New Riders Yellow Pages, Starting Point, and other classic Search oldies. Remarkably, it doesn't even mention Google, which was likely not in existence the last time this site was updated.

If you're nostalgic for the Web's early days, give a spin.


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