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September 10, 2007 May Soon Post Its Last Message, at the domain, was a site which Ghost Site correspondent Rudy Martin describes as "the main site for some comunications between the former MSN Zone sysops and the team leaders of the Member Plus Program (paid by microsoft to maintain some order in the MSN Zone)." Martin observes that "the site is quite dead, but well preserved, except for the forum which contains a few notes from former syspops. But if you try to register you get this error:

Ran into problems sending Mail. Response: 535 Authentication failed.
Restarting authentication process.

Line : 131
File : smtp.php"

According to Martin, "the rest of the site contains all the information that used to be valid to became a sysop in the zone. Apparently, the latest news updates posted to this site date from sometime in 2005.

The proprietors of appear to be aware that it has been declining for a long time and are proposing a site shutdown. In a forum message dated September 9, 2007, its Administrator notes that "There have been few posts over the past several years, and people only come back once in a great while (if ever) to check back. Our forum is of great historical interest for many of us, but as a present-day website, it holds little value."

Unlike many sites which simply disappear, this site's admin appears to be taking steps to preserve its core knowledge, perhaps in a big Zip file.

Thanks to Rudy Martin for this interesting find.

Ghostie Award: Site is Dying in ICUTwo Ghosties (Site is Dying in ICU) Two Ghosties mean that the prognosis for the site isn't so good. Experts have examined it and shaken at its prospects. Revival is possible, but unlikely. I don't issue many "Dying in ICU" awards, because few sites spend much time there on their way out.


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