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September 06, 2007

The Machine Room Grinds to a Halt; Wins "4 Ghostie Award"

The Machine Room is Dead, Shows Advanced DecayThe Machine Room, at the domain, was a labor of love by IT consultant Alexios Chouchoulas whose objective was to chronicle the early days of personal computers. It launched in 1994, making it an ancient project by Web content standards.

Chouchoulas made several revisions to the site since it launched, but something seems to have become unplugged since the site's last major update, which happened in 2005. Many internal links to the Machine Room's impressive collection of ancient computers yield SQL or PHP errors. This is sad because the site has so many great resources pertaining to the good old days of personal computing. While we hope that this site is eventually fixed and brought back to life, for now its advanced level of decay earns it our "4 Ghostie" award.


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