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July 12, 2007 Revives and Reanimates has come back to shut down in December of 2001 but today I heard from one of its admins, who told me that "the site has been recently reactivated and the business is coming back to life;" the new occupies the same domain as the old site, which we archived many years ago.

I'm a complete stranger to the "furry object" and "furry artwork" scene but it evidently comprises a significant subculture. I surfed through the site briefly today and found plenty of furry artwork and other furry stuff for sale through's auction mechanism.

You learn something new everyday on the Internet if you look hard enough...

(Warning: some of's goods are adult-themed, so avoid going there if you might be bothered by seeing such things).


Suffer from Nostalgia? This Video Will Cure Ya

A messenger narrowly avoiding being crushed by a car in lower Manhattan, circa 2000 died more than six years ago, but many Netizens (don't you hate that word?) still miss it. But take a gander at this 6-minute video of the back office operations, which aired shortly before went kaput, and you'll see a different view: workers crowded in a dank warehouse, founder Joseph Park bragging that he "lives there in a sleeping bag," middle-aged employees noting that they work 80-hour weeks, and bike messengers careening around lower Manhattan, probably without health or accident insurance.

The video, which was clearly promotional in nature (it aired on a network called FinanceVision) attempts to show us how all the craziness and hard work paid off, but because we now know the fate of Kozmo's 1,100 employees and how dearly Kozmo cost investors, all the adolescent lunatic energy looks like nothing more than a bone-headed exercise in pure Netslavery.

For more on Kozmo, see Cyber-Nostalgia: Why the Web Still Weeps For, originally published on Ghost Sites May 2, 2004, or click the "" tag below.

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