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July 10, 2007 is a Ghost Site

Faith Popcorn's Amazing, Search-Invisible is an intriguing Ghost Site I stumbled upon today while researching the history of New York's Silicon Alley. The title statement on its home page ("It's Been a While/Let's Reboot/Who's New/It Sure Beats Surfing the Internet") suggests that the site is an active reunion site for New York based tech workers who survived the New Economy crash of 2000-2001. And its META description tag ("SiliconAlley.Com - It's where SiliconAlley gets down to business. Everything and Everybody you need to know to do business in SiliconAlley, the largest online community in the world!") suggests that much robust activity occurs within its confines.

But when I ventured further within the site, I found areas that seem to be completely abandoned, with the most recent postings from March 2006. Other signs of cyber-decay include a dysfunctional "Newswire" link, an empty "Updates" area, and a "Forum" area whose most recent posting is from May of 2006 (I'd link to these areas directly but because the whole site is built with frames, linking is just about impossible).

New York's Silicon Alley may rise again someday, but if this site is any indication, we might have a long time to wait before Resurrection Day.

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