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May 20, 2007

Looking Back on the Fabulous Year of 1996

Feeling nostalgic for 1996 (before the whole world really started going downhill)? Take a nostalgic trip through this somewhat eventful year, courtesy of CNN/Interactive and Time-Warner Pathfinder's 1996 Year in Review. This ancient interactive feature, built with (you guessed it) HTML frames, was the first and perhaps the only collaberation between CNN and Pathfinder, and it's been creaking along for a decade.

Although many of the 1996 Year in Review's image-mapped navigational links are broken, the story links all work, which means you can immerse yourself completely in the world of a decade past. You can even take a poll rating your Top 10 1996 News Stories, although you'll be greeted with an Error 404 once you submit your results.

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