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May 14, 2007

A Fresh Crop of Bit-Rotten Ghost Sites

Is Dick Parsons Out of His Mind?
Ghost Sites correspondent Mastaclocksetta sent us a bunch of dead and semi-dead sites, and they're an interesting potpourri of cyber-decay.

First up is "V Shape Mind," at the domain, which appears to be the site of a musical group of the same name. Mastaclocksetta notes that "if you click on "News," you'll see that their most recent news is from 1/29/2004 at 2:56 PM." We clicked around and also noticed a defunct Tour Schedule and a busted link to "Radio Requests." We really can't say whether this band is defunct but this dysfunctional web site suggests the worst.

Next is "StealthGeeks" at the domain The site's current message is "nothing interesting to see here. Please move along," and it's an accurate statement. A search through the Internet Archive, however, yields the fact that StealthGeeks was an LA-based Internet consultancy firm specializing in UNIX/Windows System Architecture. What became of the firm behind this Ghost Site is anybody's guess.

Bob's House.Net, at, is another oldie bearing a 2002 Copyright stamp. The site's last update appears to have occurred in early 2004. Most of the information here seems to be personal and includes at least one compelling episodic story titled "The Life and Times of a Fat Geek" and a series of opinion pieces including "Why I am an Atheist" (Christopher Hitchens has nothing on this guy).

Youp 2K, located at, is a New Zealand-based site that appears to have run out of steam in 2002. It appears to have served as a gallery for artwork created using Paint Shop Pro, plus a bunch of music tracks recorded in the late 1990's.

Mewtwofan's Pokemon Page, at, is an interesting relic from the age of Pokemon. Between January of 2004 and May of 2005, it was frequently updated, but fell into disuse shortly afterward. A notice posted in March of 2007 notes that the site will remain defunct (and asks that people stop sending him e-mail about it). Frankly, I think this guy should reactivate this site, replace its affiliate links with Adsense code, and have a go at it again, perhaps using a bit of click arbitrage. Adsense Empires have been built with far less!


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