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Web 1.0 history, forgotten web celebrities, old web sites, commentary, and news by Steve Baldwin. Published erratically since 1996.

May 07, 2007 is a Ghost Site (Brought to You By Some of Web 1.0's Top-Name Authors) is One With the Ages was a project whose highbrow aim was to understand the "revolutionary but non-utopian" nature of the Web-fueled information revolution. Today, it is a dead, but exceptionally well-preserved cybercorpse. Its authors, David Shenk, Andrew L. Shapiro, and Steven Johnson are familiar names to students of antique Web 1.0 memes (Shenk was a best-selling futurist writer, Shapiro an "Internet-policy wunderkind," and Johnson the man behind Feed Magazine). It is not known why they abandoned TechnoRealismorg (whose copyright notice is from 1998 and whose most recent content from 2002), but it is possible that the response to technorealism, which the authors touted as "overwhelming and heartening," grew less overwhelming and less heartening once the Web 1.0 bubble burst, scorching millions of workers, investors, and cyber-pundits.

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