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May 02, 2007 Is Looking Ghostlike These Days Is Dead But Well-PreservedTracing the rise of means delving a bit into the early years of Web 1.0, when sites like,, and ruled the Web. (Actually, none of these sites ruled the Web at all, but they got a hell of a lot of press.) was the brainchild of Marisa Bowe, who started in 1995. The site was conceived as an interactive, multiplayer exercise in sadism for the under 10 set, and I suppose the idea was regarded as mondo cute in its time. Today, it seems a lot less cute, because extreme childhood cruelty usually results in some very bad things that happen later on in life. But now I'm editorializing.

The site, which moved to new servers in 2004, doesn't seem to have been updated in more than three years. Today, it's Alexa ranking is just 529,216 (by comparison, ranks 115,240.) is long gone (the domain name was sold to Miriam Webster for a pretty penny), and Marisa Bowe seems to have retired from Web content creation to focus on books. So it goes.

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