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August 01, 2007

Glish.Com, Last Updated in 2004, Wins "4 Ghosties" Award

Glish.Com, Last Updated in 2004,  Wins, located at the domain, was a site authored by Eric Costello, a New York-based Web developer. Its purpose was general, in Costello's words, Glish was "where I go to write...about my life, my work, my kids, my computers etc etc.." The site got a strong boost in March of 2001 when it was featured in Blogger's "Blogs of Note" area and it clicked along at a regular pace until the Spring of 2003, when its entries grew erratic.'s final entry is from February 2004.

While doesn't suffer from any immediately discernible bitrot (all its images load quite nicely), there are enough broken links on its home page to immediately qualify it for Ghost Sites' "4 Ghosties" Award (Site is Dead, Shows Advanced Decay).

Awarded 4 Ghosties:
4 Ghostie Award


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