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July 31, 2007, Last Updated in April 2007, Earns "Ghostie" (Level One) Award Calls in is a site maintained by Greg Boser, a well-known SEO consultant, at the domain (Disclosure note: Boser and my boss, Dave Pasternack, have major differences about whether SEO is or is not "rocket science)."'s last update was in April of 2007: that's only three months ago but an eon of time for anyone who realizes, as Boser certainly does, that keeping up to date is crucial for SEO purposes.

What's going on at Does Boser care that his rankings are likely to drop the longer he refrains from updating I don't pretend to know. Frankly, I think that Boser will probably reactivate the site at some time in the future, so I will simply say now award it a 1 Ghostie Award ("Site is Calling in Sick") and look at it again at the end of the month to see whether it's "dying in ICU."


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