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July 06, 2007

Red Herring 2007 = 2001?

In an eerie throwback to 2001, ValleyWag reports that technology magazine Red Herring may have stopped paying its staff, including former Ziff-Davis heavyweight Joel Dreyfuss, its current editor. Red Herring, it should be remembered, was a magazine formed in the late 1990's to channel dotcom ad dollars to its pages. It survived the Web 1.0 shakeout, cut costs by reverting to a 'zine, but this latest news suggests that it may not be faring well, even with a skeleton crew. The whole affair is an eerie reminder of the time that, a celebrated Web 1.0 startup, did the same thing back in 2001, and's Steve Gilliard called them to account for it.

I guess everything that's old is new again in the tech industry boom/bust cycle.

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