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May 12, 2007

Correction/Clarification to Danny Sullivan/SEO Article

Danny Sullivan Removes Pro-SEO Forum From SMX Conference AgendaI got an e-mail from Danny Sullivan today and he tells me that, contrary to what I wrote yesterday, he did in fact discuss the removal/replacement of the SMX panel entitled "Is SEO Bull?" on his site,

I actually read every day, but I didn't see the discussion (it apparently appeared below the fold in an article on a broader topic that was also posted on Friday).

FWIW, I think Danny is an honest, ethical guy, and if what I wrote on Friday suggested that he was trying to "cover up" anything, I apologize. It just seemed peculiar to me that the SEO panel listed in the SMX agenda (which I continue to believe would have been unduly "pro-SEO," given the listed participants) was removed without any clarification. Given that I have learned that there was in fact a clarification of this issue posted publically (albeit in a place that was a bit hard to find), there is no question that Danny was and is on the up and up.

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