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February 01, 2007

Marketers as Terrorists: Goes Dark

Interference Inc. is Dead (for now)There's a new Ghost Site in cyberspace today: the site of the screwball guerilla marketers who cooked up the idea of placing electronic contraptions in public spaces in several major American cities that looked a little too much like Improvised Explosive Devices.

In the wake of this cosmically stupid stunt, (whose TITLE tag used to read "Unparalled Guerilla and Alternative Marketing) has done its best to appear invisible: its usual busy home page is now replaced by a quickly concocted, empty placeholder. I guess these guys expect that by "lying low," the world will just forget about their stunt, which was indeed "unparalleled" in the annals of marketing stupidity. But with two people already in jail, that's unlikely.

If you'd like to know what the site of Interference, Inc. looked like before they crossed the line between advertising and terrorism, check out The Internet Archive.

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