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August 28, 2006

Unfunny To Close September 1st

WAn article in Media Post traces the sad history of, a site launched by Time Inc (my former employer) in February 2006 whose purpose seems to have been to exploit the "workplace humor" meme. The site will cease operations on September 1st.

I will refrain from commmenting extensively on the site's content, which in my view was neither funny nor particularly relevant to the concerns of a workplace audience. But I will ask this: what does's most frequently passed-around article, "20 Classic Rock Tribute Bands," have to do with the gestalt of working? What possible connection did's sophomoric, sexist video content have with workplace issues, except perhaps to condone sexual harrasment?

The amazing thing is that Time Inc. got Dodge and some other branded advertisers to put up money to fund this stupid stuff. Now that's funny.

In the meantime, I will add to Ghost Sites' official list of dead humor sites. This list now includes:
hierarchy of the zucchini peoplee
sensory deprivation


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