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August 08, 2006

Return of the Sock Puppet?

The Sock Puppet enjoys a few lines of New Economy SnowYou might or might not remember's sock puppet from a few years back. This little guy, who was featured in multimillion dollar trad media campaigns, became an icon of the dot-com boom, and later, the bust (the photo above was supplied by someone who believes that many dot-com profits went up peoples' noses).

You can still find the sock puppet around the Web; he turns up a lot on Ebay, and amazingly -- on a site run by an auto loan company called "Bar One."

Take a look at this company's home page and note the little character embedded in the banner at the top-right. Yup - it's the sock puppet. How the heck he got into the auto loan business is anybody's guess, but we're glad that he's back.

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