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June 18, 2006

Razorfish Subnetwork Devolves Into Porn

Ghost Sites wrote about the Razorfish Subnetwork last year when we discovered its ghostly remains. The Razorfish Subnetwork (RSUBOX) was, of course, launched by Razorfish's original creative team, many years before the famous NY-based interactive agency underwent a series of often painful metamorphoses which ultimately resulted in it becoming Avenue A Razorfish, a firm that does far less creative but more lucrative things today(such as Search Marketing).

It was nice to view the old Subnetwork site and to know that somebody had taken care to preserve its prehistoric Web artifacts, but lately, its owners (whoever they may be) have converted it into a portal running sexually explicit text ads (don't go there if you're likely to be offended by such text).

This can hardly be the fate that its original owners intended for it. Sad, sad sad...

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