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June 10, 2006 Is Virtually Embalmed

Remember It was a somewhat pretentious New York-based e-zine which, at least for a time, epitomized "way new" Web-publishing. UD ran smoothly from 1994 to 1998, stuttered to a halt, was revamped as a surreal repository of first-gen interactive art, and then, sometime in 2002, turned into a permenant morgue for Urban Desire's first three years of content.

It's a bit strange to study this ghost site, which has been been dead far longer than it ever was alive. Was UD's content sufficiently weighty to justify this sort of everlasting headstone? Evidently its publishers think so and perhaps that's enough. There's more than enough to look at in this archive to inform us of the feverish 1990's zeitgeist.

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