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May 25, 2006 - Silenced By a Critic?

Why Did the 404 Lounge Die?, a Website which crusaded against scam self-publishing operators, disappeared last night, reportedly because one of its targets called up its ISP and demanded that it be removed.

An account at reports that's untimely disappearance resulted when one "Barbara Bauer made a screaming, abusive phone call to one Stephanie, the person who owned the web host. Bauer claimed that having AW's scamhunters post her email address at AW was illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and that doing so had caused Bauer to get spam, which meant that AW was a spammer, and that this would get the web host put on every blacklist in the world."

For the moment, is homeless, although good copies are available for perusal at the Internet Archive.

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