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May 11, 2006

"Is the 'Dot-com Graveyard' Buried too?"

The Dot Com Graveyard is Dead
I got this note today:

I read and heard about a site on the Net called something like "the dot-com graveyard" a year or two ago. Now when I try to find it, it is not to be found!

I think it was a kind of huge list of all the web companies and sites that has left their virtual life for a still more uncertain hereafter. There would be pictures too.

Am I wrong or am I too late?

The "the dot-com graveyard" now seems to have become a common expression by columnist, which makes my efforts to find it by search engines frustratingly difficult and timeconsuming.

Ghostly Greetings from

Peter Mahlin (Peter Måhlin)
Gothenburg (Göteborg)
Sweden (Sverige)

Dear Peter,

Sadly, the "Dot-com Graveyard," formerly located at, is now defunct. In fact, according to the Internet Archive, it's been dead for about five years. The most recent cached copy showing current content is here:

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