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February 27, 2006

A Company with RIP in its name...

John Buck writes:
i was researching ripping and was pointed to this PR release:

New iRip CD-to-iPod ripping service launched

Dennis Lloyd
Publisher, iLounge
Published: Monday, October 18, 2004
News Category: Accessories

iRip debuted today as the least expensive CD-to-iPod transferring (ripping)service to date. The service assists current and prospective iPod owners by taking their CDs and "ripping" them to their iPod, often saving the iPod owner hours. All Orders are tracked via iRip?s unique Client Order Management web application, letting the customer know their order?s exact status.

iRip service costs only $1 per CD for standard service, more than 30% off the
price of our nearest competitor. Standard service includes three-way UPS Ground
shipping and expedited service includes three-way UPS Overnight shipping. There
is a 30 CD minimum and service is offered for the Apple iPod, the Apple iPod
mini and the Apple iPod by HP.

So I looked and oooooops
i think its RIP

Note: the domain is presently parked on GoDaddy's servers.

A Site That Seemed to Have Great Promise...

Tim Oppenlander writes:

Here's a site that seemed to have great promise. The Categories page shows updates until May 13, 2005, then nothing. The "Contact" page links to nothing at all. And though the updates are shown as late as 5/13/05, the link to the World Trade Center web site (in the Museums and Monuments category) gives a clue that perhaps the site had been essentially abandoned long before that . . .

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