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December 25, 2005

World's Oldest Operating Web Page: A New Candidate

I've been getting some nice e-mails about the recent post, Is This the World's Oldest Active Web Page? Thanks much for these e-mails!

Steven Hall believes he may in fact have found a page older than those cited in the original post: here's his note:

Hello Steve,

The Juggling Information Service [JIS] ( was presented to the web community in May 1994 and still exists. It is a classic case of a site frozen in time. Its last update was 1998-12-12.

I believe that it was setup and run by the computer geek subset of members from the International Jugglers Association [IJA] ( In the great schism of the early millenium when paranoid politics and a handful of nutters threatened to cause the IJA to implode---the faction that controlled the JIS were swept aside and the JIS became locked down in the form it is in today.

Posts from rec.juggling and it associated listserv can also be found on the JIS but they end abruptly with the September 2001 archive.


Have you noticed a Web page that might be even older? Send me some e-mail!

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