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August 01, 2005

Memories of

A correspondent writes: "It has been a while since I ran onto a dead Web site; however, I just ran into one last week. An e-mail service I used for years has suddenly gone poof, along with their portal and friends pages. offered Free Email with Personality and, with over 200 things to pick from it was true. My account was at It had gobbled up the older Star Mail & PC Postal services and had a good long run. I got no notice about the closure and so I am not sure just what happened. Pity, it was a very nice Web mail service."

Currently, the domain has been replaced by a placeholder service called Dotster. I have searched long and hard for an explanation to this site's demise, and have not found it. Considerable evidence does exist, however, demonstrating that's services were repeatedly used by spammers, which may have hurt its prospects.

These two screenshots show in its prime.

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