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June 09, 2005

Violent "Splat the Co-Worker" Web Ads: Not Toshiba's Fault?

Is Toshiba getting a bum rap for these awful, violent Web ads? Could be - according to an e-mail I received this afternoon:

Mr. Baldwin,

I too saw this ad and was disgusted. I was upset as well with Toshiba until I clicked the ad. The ad is run by a company in Fla. called NIU Tech LLC, whose agent is Homer Appleby, 561-997-6484. I have spoken with him twice. Yesterday he called me to tell me that his company was pulling this ad.

They also have an ad that promotes beating up our president and another that has a kid hanging out a car window smashing mail boxes. Go to It is one of several sites.

I have also given this information to the legal department at Toshiba.

Let's hope this ad and its grisly brethren get pulled soon. Unfortunately, NIU Tech LLC is a company which has gotten into trouble before, not for purveying pro-violent messages but for other reasons. Only time will tell whether they indeed pull these offensive ads.

Thanks to everybody who wrote me and squawked about this violent junk. A few good people can make a difference!

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