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May 16, 2005

Is the New a Ghost Site?

Most of you know about, the Web-based broadcasting company started by Josh Harris in 1994. Well, after burning through a medium-sized fortune, the company went bankrupt and relaunched. In fact, if you go to today, you'll see that there's a live site there.

Or is it? Take a stroll through the new site's Forum area and you'll see that the most recent message was posted in late March. A dead forum area is one sure sign of cyber-decay, especially on a site that's supposed to serve up cutting-edge music content.

To find out whether was really dead or just sleeping, I tried to call the company. First, I went to, whose pages listed the wrong address for the company and a disconnected phone number ( itself should be spanked for allowing this sort of outdated information to exist on its servers).

Then I found the "corporate information" page on that listed the company's office as being at 485 Madison Avenue. I called the operator and asked for the phone number for

"Sorry, sir," she said. "There's no such company."
"How about Pseudo Entertainment?" I asked.
"There's no company in Manhattan with the word 'Pseudo' anywhere in its name," she said.
"This has got to be the flakiest dot-com I've ever come across." I answered.

My bet is that the new is following the footsteps of its prior incarnation. If anyone would like to step forward to correct this suspicion, please send e-mail.

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