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May 19, 2005

Dot com Documentary: Notes From Across the Pond

I received an interesting note from a fellow "across the pond" suggesting that many wounds received in the past 10 years are still fresh. This story, fortunately, has a happy ending. Have a personal account that you want published here? Send it along.

Hi Steve

I liked the idea of telling the stories of the Dot Com boom and doom era. I had a Dot Com idea, went to a flash team in London, did the meetings in the Institute of Directors, more meetings, set up Ltd. Co. I was then persuaded to spend months of my time writing this site and the flash boys promised power ads and money to launch when I had done my work. They appointed a tech team and acted as consultants.

Time passed and I had created a mass of pages, sticky content. The flash boys then tried to tell me they needed some serious money and wanted ME to supply it. They had no funds, the whole thing was a try on to get me to remortgage and hand over a wedge of cash to them to supposedly support the launch of the site. BUT they were submitting invoices to the Ltd. Co. for their management consultancy fees that would wipe out tens of thousands of MY money. When I declined the head flash geezer came to my home ranting and raving like a loony.

That was that.

I lifted all my work and sent the flash boys an invoice for using my home as an office and the company folded.

I used the basis of the work I had written to create my own site which is currently the number one site on Google Search of Psychic. I am now the Director of my own Ltd. Co. and the flash boys from London, well their Dot Com consultancy company is a distant memory.

I am not a Harvard graduate, not Eton or Harrow either, just a Secondary Modern in Lancashire near Wigan left age 14 years. I hate flash bastards.

Best wishes


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