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March 02, 2005

Mad About The 1990's: The Rebirth of

Remember, the notorious Soho-based DIY video portal whose founder, Josh Harris, predicted would someday "be bigger than CBS?"

Well, it's back after being dark for almost 5 years, providing the Web with a peerless opportunity to study video slices from "the roaring 1990's" in the form of preserved video streams, including material from the defunct Silicon Alley Reporter, Tech Rap, Wonks, BizTech 2000, and other long-forgotten Pseudo sources.

Many of these ancient (circa 1998-99) files feature erstwhile enfants terrible Harris, Fred Wilson, Jason Calacanis, and other boosters of the dotcom boom at the very top of their game.

Mad for the 1990's? The best place to start your trip back in time is to simply go to the new's search page and look for "Josh Harris", "Fred Wilson" or "Jason Calicanis".

You can spend hours of fun reviewing yesterday's wide-eyed Web boosters, their wacky prognostications, and smirk at their post-boom fates. It's a hell of a lot more amusing than attempting to wade through the tepid video offerings on the site's home page.

Pseudo's new site:
Compare historical screen shots in the Museum of Electronic Failure:

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