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October 20, 2004

What's Up at

Because I'm involved in a project dealing with the history of the counterculture, I found myself over at, the late Tim Leary's "permanent home in cyberspace."

Unfortunately, it is "closed for renovation", a situation that sent me over to, which has several good copies of Unfortunately, second-level content was missing from the copies I perused - leading to an undesirable "Leary Gap" in the Web's consciousness.

Can the world live without Well, we're going to have to, and frankly, I'm fairly teed off about this. After all, I was one of those people, way back in 1996, who tried to broker an exclusive deal by which Time Warner would broadcast his death live over the Internet on Pathfinder's servers. Regrettably, the $50,000 that the Leary people demanded wasn't in Pathfinder's budget at the time, cheating the world of a uniquely morbid experience from which we would probably still be recovering.

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