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July 29, 2004

Chandra Levy Ghost Pages at

Before 9/11/01 - "the day that America changed forever" - the nation's most obsessive fear concerned powerful male politicians corrupting or snuffing out the lives of defenseless females. This archetype, first instanced with Monica Lewinksy, passed ineluctably onto Chandra Levy, and by the Summer of 2001, America, along with the American Broadcasting Company, was fixated with "flushing the zone" in pursuit of Chandra Levy's killer.

The Chandra Levy matter has yet to be fully resolved, and yet a special page set up at waits faithfully for some resolution. This lonely page was last updated in March of 2002. If the events of 9/11/01 had not inalterably changed the basic shape of America's nightmares, it might have served to more profitably monger fear and voyeurship for a long, satisfying spell, but events overtook it, and today it is just another Ghost Site.

Thanks to Chris Stamper - one of Ghost Sites' most faithful correspondents, for pointing this site out.

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