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May 20, 2004

Counting the Carcasses of Imaginary Media

Today I received word from Joost De Wall, who hangs out on Bruce Sterling's Dead Media mailing list (which I moderate and contribute to), that Bruce's recent talk at the Archeology of Imaginary Media Conference in Amsterdam has now been uploaded to the Web. If you don't know Bruce Sterling, he's not just one of the founding exponents of the genre of literature now known as "Cyberpunk". Bruce is also the world's foremost authority on Dead Media, and much of the Ghost Sites project is inspired by his vision.

You can view Bruce's highly entertaining lecture by clicking on the following link:

Once the page loads, just click on the third link in the "Video" section, positioned on the right-hand side of the page, and an inline Real Media player app will start playing Bruce's lecture, which runs for the better part of an hour. I am very grateful to Bruce for his mention of Ghost Sites during his talk.

You can learn more about Bruce's Dead Media Project at Bruce also maintains a Weblog at

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