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April 21, 2004


/bargainclothing.jpg described itself as "an internet-based apparel store offering brand name fashion at great prices." Its clientelle was "women of all ages and sizes, including...missy, petite, junior and plus sizes." It closed, as this screen illustrates, in November 2000. No details of the precise circumstances which resulted in this e-tailer's closing are available to this obituary writer, but it is suspected that the venture succombed to the same pressures affecting the so-called "e-tailing" sector as have been reported elsewhere concerning the fateful year of 2000.

It is possible that internal projections for a "green Christmas" had, by November of 2000, been discredited by its number-crunchers, necessitating a quick closing to avoid the costs which might have accrued had continued to serve customers through this peak buying season.

Currently, the domain is still active, and has reverted to nothing more than a list of other Web-based apparel retailers. An excellent collection of Web-based artifacts surviving into 2003 included several images of the company's original corporate logo, which at one time adorned a limited edition set of apparel including a baseball cap, a T-shirt, and what appeared to be a bath towel. Throughout the first part of 2003, all were present for inspection on the Web site of Maren Costa Graphic Design, once located at, but by June of 2003 they had been blocked from view by AT&T for unspecified reasons, and by early 2004 had officially joined the disappeared. To my great regret, Ghost Sites' otherwise assiduous crew of endangered corporate logo gatherers utterly failed to save these artifacts while they had the chance.

If you have other information, including amplification and/or corrections concerning the demise of that you would like to see incorporated into this WebElegy, please send e-mail to Steve Baldwin and I will try to include it as time provides.

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