From an "anonymous" Colorado inhabitant

From an "anonymous" Colorado inhabitant: "DENVER CO-Attention would-be arsonists, demolitionists, vandals, and all other malcreants. The new DENVER PAVILION is officially open. A gaudy cosmopolitan eyesore dedicated to all things greedy. Choose from Nike Town, Virgin Records Superstore, The Hard Rock Cafe, Wolfgang Pucks, and myriad other enterprising dungheaps to unleash your pent up fury upon. Don't like the city scene? Head to Eagle County and keep Vail in flames. Boo Hoo to the bourgeiose babbit scum who will have to ski all the way down to Mid-Vail in order to get their sauteed portebello mushroom sandwich and merlot at lunchtime. The new art-terrorist movement has been handed a clean canvas to paint. Let's make a masterpiece.".